Support YAPCA

As a Not-for-profit organization, YAPCA relies on the goodwill and support of our families. We operate in a fiscally-responsible way while always looking to expand and improve our programs. We are grateful to our many families who support YAPCA. If you would like to help YAPCA support young artists in our community, here are some ways you can contribute:

Financial support

Through your generous donations at concerts in lieue of tickets, we have been able to expand our chamber music offerings, pay for orchestral arrangements and bring in master class teachers. The easiest way to donate is through e-transfer to [email protected] and note that your are making a financial donation to YAPCA.

Volunteer service

All of our non-teaching staff are unpaid volunteers. We welcome helpers to open doors and help clean-up after rehearsals. Sometimes we need help running errands, purchasing supplies, etc. Please reach out if you are willing to help in these ways.

Board service

If you have experience in business or law, or are interested in a leadership opportunity with the potential real impact on young lives, please contact Amber Cheng about service on our Board of Directors.