Ludmilla Kraneck

The Brazilian violist Ludmilla Kraneck has performed across Brazil, Germany and Canada. She has a passion for both Brazilian viola music and the Romantic, Modern, and Contemporary repertoire. Her passion extends beyond the performance, delving into the nuances of the learning process and its efficacy.

With aspirations of pursuing an academic career, she was awarded a full scholarship for the Doctor of Musical Arts in Performance program at Western University in Canada, where she is currently enrolled. Her academic interests are diverse, encompassing Brazilian compositions originally written for the viola and the music of the 20th century, a period in which much of the original viola repertoire was composed, including the Brazilian pieces.

Among her notable achievements, Ludmilla embarked on a German tour in May 2023 with the UBC (University of British Columbia) Symphony Orchestra as the principal viola. UBC Symphony Orchestra is widely regarded as one of North America’s finest university orchestras. Additionally, in 2017, Ludmilla collaborated with Angela Maria in her album “Angela Maria e as Canções de Roberto & Erasmo,” a celebrated Brazilian singer renowned for her melodious voice that has captivated music enthusiasts for generations.

Being awarded the top scholarship for the Master of Music program at the University of the British Columbia, Canada, during 2021-2023 she immersed herself in an intensive chamber, orchestral, and solo program. As a chamber musician, she was also a member of the Capriccioso String Quartet from 2014 to 2016, affiliated with Campinas State University, Brazil. The quartet’s artistry took them across Brazil and the United States, where they participated in Chamber Music Festivals through scholarships.

Ludmilla has also developed a passion for planning and optimizing practice sessions. She has dedicated herself to imparting the importance of effective planning and time management to her students, emphasizing that these skills are essential for achieving optimal results while avoiding mental and physical exhaustion. Above all, she instills in her students a deep passion for the artistic process, nurturing the next generation of musicians in both Brazil and Canada.